“The client wanted it.”

That is not how we function.

“Yes, we believe in giving our clients the best possible advertising services but that has definite procedure to it. We try to understand the business of the client as good as them, we do not  believe in executing something as it is, we love to value add, and that is exactly what makes us different. We try and be a part of the business and not a ‘third party’ or a ‘vendor’ for the client.”

“We signed it because the monies were good.”

That is not how we function.

“You must have heard it from a lot of people, ‘Money does not matter’, but we truly believe in practising it’. We truly believe that the primary focus is to give out the best work, of course that comes with a fee, but again, the most important for us is the quality of work, rest everything else,  falls in place”

“Let's just do it, don't waste time planning it.”

That is not how we function.

“We, plan each step right from the word go, we try and strategise and create a wholesome plan to achieve the goal. A time bound strategy aimed at achieving the target for the same time period. An advertising campaign without a strategy is as good as a drink which gives you no high.”

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