Mid-air Leap
Man with an Umbrella
Person at Night with Smoke
Mafia Man at Night Black and White

We make films and it remains as simple as that.

Along with a great work ethic and a fun filled execution we like to pride on our ability to quickly adapt to whatever our project requires. Whether an in-studio shoot, or a multi-location shoot, an emotional script or a robust action filled story, we put our heart and soul into everything we do, creating magic for us and our clients.

Making ad films is done by a totally separate organization, yes, this amazed us as much as it would be amaze you while reading this, so the chain goes something like this, the brands hire an advertising agency, who formulate a communication base for their clients, and create a campaign to promote the brand, or their specific products, or to in some cases even just create saliency for the brand, though the chain does not end here, these advertising experts further hire Ad Film Makers or Ad Film Production Houses further to execute the ad film for their clients, and here’s a special mention to one of the best Ad Film Production Houses in Delhi, “Solo Lion Films”, the proprietor, Mr. Pranay Bali, an advertising man himself, with an experience of 9 years in industry, right from Ogilvy to Grey, across clients like, Vodafone to BJP, India Today TV to Blackberry Phones and many more, has the mammoth experience in campaign creation for a very long time.

Solo Lion Films, a creation of it’s own, a place where they try and ‘release the imagination’ of their clients and give them the visual around their brand that they always wanted. Based out of Gurgaon, they sit in the hub, and close offer Ad Film Making in Delhi and not make their clients run from one end to the other to get their work executed. Ad film production houses in Delhi, are relatively low in number, also, the services they provide are either limited, or really expensive, the problem with “Solo Lion Films” gets tackled here, they are a set of Filmmakers in Delhi, having complete experience in Ad Film Production and go above and beyond their line of work to give the best of ads to their clients.