Strong Planning. Stronger Execution.

We have a simple thumb rule for every project, we believe a combination of strong planning and execution, results in a strong yield.
Hence, our planning starts right from the word 'go'. We make sure that we gather each and every minute detail from the script and plan each step henceforth.
Right from our estimates to our storyboards, and of course to the final result i.e. our films are a result of a great planning and an exceptional execution.


Advertisement Making Company

An Advertisement Making Company, is a part of the business as much as any other department is, they have to look into the USPs of the business, the achievements, the differences, the competition, the message, the brand tonality, and a lot of many other aspects which finally, decide the creation of an ad film.

Now there are many ways to do it, but “Solo Lion Films” believe there are to major aspects to it, “Strong Planning” and “Stronger Execution”.

A well planned film means, the planning behind making the film right from the first draft of the script, to making it finally happen to take it to a shoot, they strongly believe in having a strong planning at their level, from storyboarding to cinematographic script, from screenplay to music inferences, from the character descriptions to a shoot plan everything before we execute is discussed and re-discussed with the client.

They strongly believe if the pre-shoot planning is done properly, the shoot becomes the easiest part, which in turn makes the post production i.e. majorly editing pretty easy.

As far as execution of the project goes, they truly believe in a fun filled execution with a great work ethic, giving them an edge over the competition available in the market, the post production lies in the hands and techniques which are at par with any film production house globally, and uses state of the art technology to achieve to their final product.