An emerging story

An emerging story

Solo Lion Films, the idea was straight out when they saw the conditions where in brands, big or small, were getting films/corporate AVs or any other kind of visual material made for themselves.

The sad part was, they were either running from one place to the other for a single job, so it was more like, for the shoot, they would hire one person/production house, and then for edit they would hire some one else, which were individually in-expensive, or you may say relatively cheap but would actually turn out to be more expensive when seen as a whole. The plan was chalked out, Solo Lion Films was formed with incredibly passionate people in love with the whole process of film making, or in this specific case, ad film making. The Associate Producer and the Director of Solo Lion Films, Pranay Bali, himself has been into advertising for good 8 years and has worked for clients ranging from Vodafone, to Blackberry, from BJP to India Today Television, and many more, designing successful and highly acclaimed campaigns for them.

The range of services offered by Solo Lion Films, starts from as small as a footage based AV to a full fledged TVC shoot, with their latest in house project – ‘Hayat’ which is a short film focusing on the importance of life, they are on their way to prove their mettle as one of the best production houses pan India.

As far as they putting up their business in Delhi (Gurgaon to be specific), they really feel since all the marketers and the brand managers are here, with their offices set up in the millennium city, the services should be provided to them in this vicinity itself, and they should not be going to “Mumbai” for each and every of their film related requirements.

The best part about Solo Lion Films is that every thing that they have to offer is in-house, so right from shoot requirements, to just and edit, to may be just animation, or may be a simple corporate AV, they can do it all, as the team has each and every one on board, from script writers, to editors, to Directors of Photography, to Graphic Content creators, be it 2D or may 3D.

The state of the art techniques that they use, is at par with any film making studio in the world, but with an advantage, the prices are not as high as the rest of them. So, now you know, who’s door you’re going to knock in case you need any film requirement, again, right from TVCs to Animations, from Corporate AVs to Digital Content, they do it all.

Do visit their official site:

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