Sololionfilms: Get your film making worries sorted.

Film makers in Delhi, it sounds odd right?

Yes, for a very long time, the words Film Making were specifically related to Mumbai in India, but in the recent times, film making and creativity, and of course the development in technology has led to the rise of many film makers pan India.

One such upcoming Production House in Delhi is “Solo Lion Films”, who have a great first hand experience in film making, their expertise in every kind of project makes their services stand out for their clients.

Be it any kind of a project, the expertise that they gather to execute it is remarkable, so for eg. Taking their latest in house project ‘Hayat’, which is nominated for the Best Professional Short category in the Banjara Film Awards 2017, was all executed in a span of just 4 days, yes! Just 4 days, where in they did the shoot in just one day, please take the time out to view the full film @

So, yes, the turn around time for any project is the quickest with them, closing everything asap, goes mandatory with any kind of project they handle. Technically, they did not have any pressures to close the film at a stipulated time line, but that’s how the whole structure functions, they just complete a project asap.

It makes it easy for them to make it possible because of the simple fact that they have everything in house, right from the Director to Editors, from Production In charges to Script Writers, from VFX specialist to 2D/3D graphic creators.

So, yes, now you do know, where exactly you need to go to get your film making worries sorted. “Solo Lion Films” they are based out of Gurgaon, and you could contact them directly @ 9910833138 or write in to the director/associate producer directly @

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