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Advertisement making company.

Okay, so let’s try and understand, the category of advertisements broadly. If we could broadly categorize it, they would be:

  1. Print Advertisement – Newspapers, Magazines

  2. OOH i.e. Out Of Home – Outdoor, Hoardings

  3. POS i.e. Point of Sale – Advertisements we see at the stores, or the shops

  4. Television Commercials – The ads that run on TV

  5. Digital Content – And yes, the last one would be the most recent, the online banners (static) and the online videos/AVs we notice on Youtube or Facebook or on any other portal.

So, let’s talk about the fourth one, i.e. Television Commercials, as it is one of those mediums that we all reckon with the most. So, television commercials are one of the most hard hitting form of advertisements ever since the evolution of Television, may be because they have a story to tell in 30 seconds or a minute maximum, or even if many of us relate it to the most irritating thing while watching TV, but yes no one can avoid it completely. Making of a television commercial takes a lot of hard work, it is after all a way to represent the brand to a very large audience, as the medium of TV is one to many.

Ever wondered what all it takes to make the 30 second ad that you skip on Youtube or you curse while watching a film on TV? It actually starts from a single point brief from the client let’s say Vodafone for eg. over here, so let’s say Vodafone wanted to tell it’s audience that they have a network which never leaves it’s customers, so it all begins from the idea of the campaign, which is designed by the advertising agencies, where an idea is built that, we show a dog who’s always with his master who is a kid, and we represent Vodafone as the dog, who is loyal, who is always with his master and never leaves him alone. So after the ‘big idea’ gets approved, a script is written by the agency it self, and expert ad film makers are taken on board to create the Television Commercial. There are a lot of value additions that are done by the Production House (the experts who shoot the audio video) and a final plan is laid down in a form of ‘story board’ which gets approved by the agency and by the client of course.

And then the whole TVC is made, which even today rings a bell in our heads when we think of the Vodafone ad with the pug and the song ‘You and I in this beautiful world……..’.

And yes, that’s about it, so the next time you think of cursing an ad running on TV, do remember how much goes into actually making it.

And yes if you would want to create something for your brand, we do have a trustable name, “Solo Lion Films”, the director/associate producer, Mr. Pranay Bali (ex Ogilvy), served Vodafone, as a client servicing professional for 6 years, and hence we had such insights about the campaign described above ;)




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