Understanding ads film making for business and corporates !

Ad film making, okay, so the words amazed me at first, when I heard that there are specific companies responsible for making the best of the ads.

Yes! And they were huge in their own essence, they were the advertising agencies, so if there are a few names to be taken, Ogilvy and Mather, Lowe Lintas, JWT, and many more. So, these companies were responsible for making the strategies and campaigns for some of the biggest marketers across the globe, a few examples would be Pepsi, a prime client of JWT, or Vodafone a prime client for Ogilvy.

These companies were making the brand/their clients present across different media with specified communications. Okay, so let me clear out here, they do not do media buying, they just device the communication or the strategy for the brand, so, they understand the requirements of their clients and device strategy and communication based on that, so if for eg. Pepsi comes up and says they need to do better in rural market, they would device communication across the local media available there, which would be newspapers, or may be communication at the Point of Sale (the stores or the local shops).

So, yes the chain so far is simple to understand, right? Okay, the bummer is, that it does not stop here, when we talk about Television Commercials, or Digital AVs, the agencies further indulge in a contract with people who have their expertise in the same, which are the Ad Film Making Production Houses. Yes, these are production houses just like any other film making production houses, who have their expertise in Ad Film Making. So, yes, the chain extends beyond, the client hires and agency and the agency further hires a production house, and talking about production houses, let’s talk about “Solo Lion Films”, which has recently come up in the market, and claim to provide the best of the services to their clients. Already having worked for Ogilvy, for 2 AVs for BJP, they are led by an advertising man himself, Mr. Pranay Bali, who has an 8 year experience in marketing and advertising.

They besides having the basic understanding of a brand and it’s tonality also, have a great work ethic which is really tough to find in Production Houses in Delhi.

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