Your True Corporate Film Makers!

Do you want a video for internal or external communications? Do you want to show your prospective employees how working with your company is so easily great when you get a video made with your happy employees as the masters? Or is it something major like a reputational crisis being faced by your company due to some sinister attempt by your competitor and you want the truth to be broadcasted? But do all in style!

Today the truth has found a new way to come out in the limelight. This may not just be a discovery, it can be of an NGO helping out some poor and differently able children or maybe even some training opportunities offered by companies.

Let us portray the truth with some fun facts with the help of Corporate Film Makers and Solo Lion Films is one such platform that will definitely make your video spreading out its effect.

The creative stages of Corporate Video making include plotting and storyboarding and a stupendous supporting cast with a super talented director. The realm of Corporate Film making is vast and some of the sections include the Automobile Sector, Pharmaceutical Sector and even the major educational Institutions. Here at ‘Solo Lion Films’ your ideas will be heard out and we will help you to get the audience your thought craves. Here, we conceptualize the particular idea, do a detailed research on the concept and deliver to you the most informative content.

The most essential things for us at Solo Lions are:


That means we believe in making a video depicting the way of thought peculiar to a particular project. An audience is also a peculiar thing to handle. The waterfall of emotion flowing inside a viewer is very hard to tame and if tamed the same viewer becomes a believer. We, at Solo Lions, trigger the audience and try to find out their weak spot with the help of your concept and our strategy. We do a word to word analysis; mould the audio-visual such as to grab the emotions of the audience making the impact to be imparted strong.


When a person knows what he has to do, nobody can tell him otherwise. Here, at Solo Lions, we believe in the realistic approach towards the ideas and a real time configuration of all the problems (to be) faced. We never create an illusion of any false work, rather we maintain a transparency in our work. We create the script with a realistic and effective location that enhances the promotional content and digitally connects the audience directly with your own thinking.

This includes our generosity, we will have towards your project and we would respect you when give us a visit despite any double thoughts regarding money as it would be our responsibility to give you the best possible service at hand.

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